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Enhanced ecommerce boosts shopping analytics in Analytics 360.

Keeping pace with the remarkable rise of online retail requires retailers to gain a new level of insight into customer behaviors, shopping patterns, and product-level performance.

Do you know how far your shoppers get in the funnel, where they abandon, or which products are the most viewed? Find out, with enhanced ecommerce analytics from Analytics 360.

Improve the customer experience to improve the bottom line.

Enhanced ecommerce is all about your bottom line. We’ve designed it to work seamlessly within Analytics 360 to help you improve your retail experience and turn more shoppers into buyers.

In this brief, you’ll learn:

  • How enhanced ecommerce delivers product, segment, and experience insights
  • Ways it helps you optimize your site, deploy promotions, and improve conversion rates
  • How closing the loop with refund support and targeting strategies drive ROI
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Better data, better decisions: Enhanced ecommerce boosts shopping analytics.

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