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Go beyond the last click

Your organization tries to reach potential customers through all kinds of channels. Yet in a typical last-click world, you can’t see which channel really seals the conversion; all the credit goes to the last interaction. That’s why cross-channel media impact is so important. Without it, businesses risk overvaluing or undervaluing their own marketing tactics. When you can’t spot the channels with the highest ROI, you can’t make the smartest decisions about where to put your marketing budget.

Google Analytics 360 changes all that. It lets you dig into every digital marketing touchpoint and actually shows you which combinations of channels work best to reach your marketing objectives. Simply put, you can finally understand when, why, and how users respond to your advertising.

In this brief, you’ll learn:

  • How Multi-Channel Funnels helps you see your cross-channel impact
  • Ways to go more granular with your cross-channel findings with Custom Segments
  • How to assign conversion credit to marketing touchpoints based on your own user data
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