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Keuken Connect | FunnyGames

In dit spel moet je steeds twee blokken met dezelde plaatjes bij elkaar zoeken. Je kunt ze alleen matchen als ze naast elkaar liggen of als er een vrije doorgang is tussen de twee plaatjes!
Auteur: FunnyGames
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Krishna - SearchList

Krishna Playlist with Search. Extremely funny clips from youtube. Reload for new videos. Enjoy and laugh. It has a search feature which you can use to look for other playlists. Sort by relevance, rating, etc. Put it on your website and attract traffic.
Auteur: gazoogames
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Hose Photos

Hose Pictures from Flickr Interesting Photos.
Auteur: GadgetMama
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De Tijd - Nieuws

De Tijd - Nieuws | Krant
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Nascar video widget, watch clips from the best races.

Nascar video widget, watch clips from the best races.
Auteur: steven
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Slim RSS Reader

Based on Slim RSS Reader by G-Fan
Auteur: HH
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Gaia Jigsaw

Gaia puzzle!
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Films vandaag

Overzicht van de films vandaag op nederlandse televisie. Bron: rss-feed
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Dental Dictionary

English - French - German - Hungarian - Italian - Romanian - Spanish Dental Dictionary
Auteur: Endre
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Internationale voetbalwebsite met actueel voetbalnieuws als specialiteit. Daarnaast ook interviews, achtergronden en reportages, video’s, statistieken, discussiemogelijkheden en de mooiste voetbalfoto´s.
Auteur: Stefan Doorn
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Scrabble Helper, Literati Cheat, Word Finder

This is the ultimate scrabble helper and cheat. Use it to get scrabble help and win.
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Self Development Coaching

This gadget will deliver fresh video podcasts on self development every week. Your current state of wealth and abundance is nowhere close to where it can be when you understand and recognize the immense power that lies dormant within you. While your past thoughts, feelings and actions are respons...
Auteur: Jay Bose
Google Werkbalk 5 vereist - restaurantgids - Restaurants bij u in de buurt. Zoek op postcode, plaats of restaurant
Van:   Auteur: Daan Wentink  

XSPF Music Player (Bonologist Classic Rocks)

Cool, stylish, sophisticated XSPF Music Player capable of storing Unlimited Number of MP3 Songs with Pictures using simple XSPF Playlist. Install on your iGoogle homepage in one click or embed the player as a proven Gadget/Widget/Blidget to drive traffics for your Blog/Website/Portal. Songs inclu...
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Google Analytics

Free Web Analysis by Google
Van:   Auteur: Theo van der Sluijs  

Dog Training News

Stay informed on how to train your dog. The gadget updates as new dog training news happens.
Auteur: Wesley Williams
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Vlamse pers Nieuws

Vlaamse pers, Het laatste nieuws, Humo, Knack, Story ,gva, De redactie, de morgen, HLN,standaard, clickx, jornaalen magazine
Auteur: vlaamse Nieuws.
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Rode Bal 3 | FunnyGames

Breng de rode bal naar de finish. Let goed op dat je niet van het platform afvalt, want dan moet je opnieuw beginnen.
Auteur: FunnyGames
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NS Vertrektijden

De actuele vertrektijden van de treinen van de Nederlandse Spoorwegen per station. Inclusief eventuele vertraging.
Auteur: Toni Cornelissen
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Altijd de laatste Nieuws video's van in een gadget.
Auteur: NOS Nieuwe Media
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Sim Taxi

The main objective of the game is to look for passengers and deliver them to their destinations as quickly as possible without damaging your car. A phone operator will help you locate customers. Dont worry if you dont know the locations, theres a compass on the top left to guide you
Auteur: Josh
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New York Times: Essential Knowledge Of The Day

Live Tabbed RSS feeds. Edit the gadget settings to view between 3 to 15 Headlines in each Category.
Auteur: Gadget RSS Feeds
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leer Engels

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Auteur: mthiru1
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The NBA's New York Knicks News, Scores, and Highlights

Get the latest New York Knicks Team News, Highlights and Scores from! The best NBA teams, scores, highlights, insights, and news can only be found on ESPN. The greatest basketball players in the world can only be found in the NBA. This widget allows you to stay up to date on what is go...
Auteur: newbie
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