Fisheries are intertwined in global food security, slave labor issues, livelihoods, sovereign wealth and biodiversity. Global Fishing Watch brings transparency to an opaque industry traditionally operating out of sight and out of mind. By leveraging Google Cloud Platform and machine learning tools, we have created the first global view of the world's industrial fishing fleet and made it available to the public for free.

Global Fishing Watch is a partnership of SkyTruth, Oceana, and Google Earth Outreach. We are in the process of transitioning the project into a new independent nonprofit and conducting an executive search for a CEO.

GlobalFishingWatch.org hosts the most up to date and complete information on the project. Read more in the Google blog post at launch (best overview, September 2016, from New York Times, Scientific American, and Washington Post, and follow our weekly blog for the latest news, user case studies, explainers, tips, and new features.

Contact info: Primary info@globalfishingwatch.org or Research Program.

Credit: Oceana/Grant Ellis

“What we need to do with the Global Fishing Watch” and Safe Ocean Network, “is grow this network so there is not one square mile of ocean where we cannot prosecute and hold people accountable who violate the standards of sustainability on a global basis. That’s the goal.” -Secretary Kerry speaking at our preview event